Laundry Nook

Family-owned laundromat in Sandy Springs offering Drop-off Wash & Fold service and self-service coin laundry

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350 Northridge Rd Ste 2C
Atlanta, GA 30350

(404) 795-6665

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350 Northridge Rd
Sandy Springs, GA
9am - 9pm Daily
Last Wash 8pm

Pickup and Delivery

Laundry Wash & Fold Service
Serving Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Roswell
$30 minimum

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once your laundry is weighed at our laundromat, we will email you an invoice which you can pay online via our payment processor's secure portal. Prompt payment is appreciated to not delay next-day delivery.

Our minimum is $30 so that is the initial order price in the system until we can weigh your laundry. When our driver brings your laundry back to our processing facility we will weigh it and update your order total. We will then email you an invoice with the final price which you can pay online.

Tips are completely optional and they are appreciated, so thank you! Thanks to our order-tracking software which keeps track of such things, we're able to ensure all tips are equitably shared by the drivers and laundry processors who handle your specific order.

You do not need to be home for pickup or delivery. If planning to be away, however, please leave a note in the app advising where the driver can find/leave your laundry.

We prefer your laundry to be in either our Laundry Nook laundry bag or disposable plastic bags. But if you have a favorite hamper, basket, or mesh, nylon, or cotton laundry bag, we will make sure it gets back to you with your laundry.

First-time customers will be provided with one of our large Laundry Nook branded nylon laundry bags for free to use for future orders.

You do not need to sort your laundry. After weighing, your laundry processor will sort your laundry by color and temperature requirements.

Your laundry will be delivered folded in weather-resistant plastic bags. If you're not home, the driver will only leave your laundry in a place where it is safe from the elements.

Water heater burst? Kids just got back from camp? Sometimes we end up with seemingly tons of laundry. No problem, we'd love to help! Please give us a call or email to schedule a special pickup of extra-large loads.