Laundry Nook

Family-owned laundromat in Sandy Springs offering Drop-off Wash & Fold service and self-service coin laundry

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350 Northridge Rd Ste 2C
Atlanta, GA 30350

(404) 795-6665

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350 Northridge Rd
Sandy Springs, GA
9am - 9pm Daily
Last Wash 8pm

About Us

Family-owned laundromat in Sandy Springs offering Drop-off Wash & Fold service and self-service coin laundry

Our Story

The Laundromat

Laundry Nook has existed as a laundromat in it's current location since the 1990s. It was previously operating under the name Northridge Coin Laundry. Tucked away off of Northridge Rd, it's the best-kept secret of many in the area. After falling into a bit of disrepair as the original owner aged, the laundromat has begun a revival under the new ownership and is once again a wonderful laundry oasis in the middle of thriving Sandy Springs.

The Owners

We wish we could say we have a long family history of experience in the laundry business. But the truth is we're first-time operators in industry. Far from a hinderance, we see it as an opportunity to apply our skills in new and innovative ways in the laundry space.
Anna, who manages the day-to-day operation of the store and the wash & fold service, is a first-generation immigrant from Indonesia.
John, a Marine Corps veteran turned software engineer, works part-time to keep the machines humming.
Our toddler son has adopted the task of making sure the lights are turned off before we leave for the evening. Sometimes he even turns them off while the day's last customers are still drying their clothes. We're sorry! But we do love his initiative.

Why a Laundromat?

This is the question we get most often from family and friends. Once we decided to open a business, we knew we wanted a business that provides a true service to the community and meets a real need. Anna wanted someplace she could manage and still bring our toddler son to work. John needed something he could contribute part-time. Laundromats checked all those boxes.

Why this laundromat?

We loved this location the moment we first stepped inside. We looked at a ton of laundromats and each one has its own vibe. From brand new million-dollar mega-mats to run-down decrepit 'zombiemats'. This laundromat felt like home. Maybe it was the large kitchen table in the middle of the space, or the plants throughout. As we talked with the owners and saw the thriving customer community, we knew this was a place our family could have real positive impact in the community.

Let us do your laundry! You have better things to do.

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